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I've been working on setting up a Discord server so we can stay in touch more often. I'm going to be posting here a little more regularly--stuff that I don't think warrants an official Update but still might be worth sharing. "What I worked on today" - type posts. Stuff like this:

Worked on PBR window textures today...

Also... I want to dig into the backstory of the game and have some fun with you guys. So... I'm going to try my hand at a "lite" alternate reality game. We'll investigate some of the strange characters and events leading up to Lifeless Moon, and maybe you can even win some prizes along the way. Here's a preview:

A strange newspaper story

Digging through the archives, I ran across this front page story from the Desert Valley Press. There were lots of awful disasters regarding nuclear experimentation and early rocket testing during the cold war. Not sure why this event isn't more well known. Maybe the redactions are a clue??? Somebody sure didn't want details of this story to get out.

A strange newspaper story - Join Discord to read

I'm still trying to figure out Discord, so be nice to me and each other. If you want to help out, let me know. If we grow we'll probably need some mods.
If you want to join me and have some fun, here's a link to the Discord server!

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