Saturday, December 11, 2021

Kickstarter Update #61: Final Reveal Still Not Ready, So Let's Talk Inspiration

Well, no surprise to anyone here, but Lifeless Moon is not going to make release this year.  I keep thinking we're about ready to start promoting the game and doing some reveals, but it's just not there yet. I'm nearing the end, however, and excited that next year will finally, really, actually be "the year." Thank you all for sticking with me through this surprisingly challenging project. Sometime soon I'll talk through those challenges and what went right and wrong, but today I feel like sharing content!

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Catching up with Kickstarter Updates

Hi all, I try really hard to update my backers at least monthly on Kickstarter. Then on social media, discord, email, etc. Never fails I forget to update the official website! I'm a dork. Anyway, here's some posts you might have missed:

Update 60


Monday, March 8, 2021

Kickstarter Update #45: Indie Development is an Education

In my last update I previewed a 3d-scanned head model I planned to use for one of Lifeless Moon's characters. My hope was this would save a bunch of time and also really elevate the game visuals by sourcing from 3d photo-scans of actual humans. My 3D modeling skills are pretty decent, so I figured it would be a simple matter of clean-up and styling. 

 Instead, the last few weeks have been an education in "retopologizing": the art of cleaning a high poly 3d sculpture or photo-scanned model. Read More...

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Join Us on Discord!

I've been working on setting up a Discord server so we can stay in touch more often. I'm going to be posting here a little more regularly--stuff that I don't think warrants an official Update but still might be worth sharing. "What I worked on today" - type posts. Stuff like this:

Worked on PBR window textures today...

Also... I want to dig into the backstory of the game and have some fun with you guys. So... I'm going to try my hand at a "lite" alternate reality game. We'll investigate some of the strange characters and events leading up to Lifeless Moon, and maybe you can even win some prizes along the way. Here's a preview:

A strange newspaper story

Digging through the archives, I ran across this front page story from the Desert Valley Press. There were lots of awful disasters regarding nuclear experimentation and early rocket testing during the cold war. Not sure why this event isn't more well known. Maybe the redactions are a clue??? Somebody sure didn't want details of this story to get out.

A strange newspaper story - Join Discord to read

I'm still trying to figure out Discord, so be nice to me and each other. If you want to help out, let me know. If we grow we'll probably need some mods.
If you want to join me and have some fun, here's a link to the Discord server!

Don't Forget to Wishlist on Steam!

One of the BEST ways you can support this game is to wishlist it on Steam. Only takes a second and it's totally free to do!

Monday, March 16, 2020

All I can do is stay home and work on Lifeless Moon

Wow, crazy times right now. Really hope you all are staying safe and playing it safe... there's a lot of misinformation and I worry that some folks aren't taking things seriously. Some dark days ahead, I'm afraid.

But that said, I'm also looking for bright sides. Thankfully, I work from home normally so not much of my life is changing right now. And with our main clients (Schools and museums) closing up, most of our focus is moving to game production. The more work I put in, the more I realize is left to do, but I'm getting ever closer to the end on the environment design.

"In his cruelty, he tried to put my city out of reach..."

The more progress I make the more I want to finish this game! Guys, I'm so excited with how things are coming together and how the story intertwines with the game world(s). Really excited to be including a larger cast of characters in this game and telling some unique individual stories.

Thank you as always for your patience with me. I'm hopeful these tough times with the pandemic can actually result in some positives. Sometimes the best of humanity comes to the surface in the worst of times.

Stay well!

Spoiler Alert! Finishing the Environments

(Originally posted on Kickstarter last month)

Ok, you've been warned... this post is going to reveal some of the explorable areas in Lifeless Moon. If you don't want to see anything, look away!

For the record, I'm going to try to hold back on details, but some of the pics in upcoming screens and videos (in future updates) will definitely show off some of the destinations you'll investigate in Lifeless Moon. So, here we go:

In search of answers...

These are works in progress, but we're getting closer to finishing off the main areas of the "Moon City" and the other main areas. Lots of little details to add, but these last few weeks have been extremely fun work. Environment art is unquestionably my favorite part of game dev.

Where does this ladder go?

If you follow Lifeless Worlds on Facebook, you saw this image the other day. I'm starting to post more frequent updates to social media. I'm not naturally very digitally social, so this is hard for me, but it should actually be rewarding to begin showing off the game and sharing a bit more.

"He was here last night!"

Ok, so that's it for now. More very soon, I promise!