Friday, December 2, 2022

Update #69: A Big Milestone: Gameplay Complete!

Very behind schedule with this update, but I'm happy to announce the gameplay work is complete! There will be a few adjustments as playtesting reveals issues, but last week I delivered a build of the game to my publisher with the full arc of the game playable start to finish.

Astronaut standing in a foggy sci-fi landscape with two monoliths nearby and an unusual green light source emanating from a large rock platform

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Kickstarter Update #67: Connecting After Years Apart

Scene from the Seattle Indies Expo demo

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Friday, July 22, 2022

Kickstarter Update #66: Crunch Time! (Again!)


Well, these are exciting times for the project. If the next few weeks go as planned I should wrap the full beta of the game including locking in all final content that was not in the alpha build. I'm sure you're wondering if you can get a look... I think I'm going to wait until it's a little further along. If you play it now, there's enough rough edges/missing stuff that you might be disappointed. Second, I'm going to really need lots of eyes on this thing at the beta stage, whereas right now there's QA happening, but lots of known issues that would just muddy the waters I think if I asked for feedback at this stage. So... SOON for a test build, but not yet!...

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Update #65: It's Happening! IGN Announce Trailer and a Publisher


Finally!!! I am so excited to announce Serenity Forge is publishing Lifeless Moon to PC and consoles. This is such an awesome team of indie developers and supporters. I'm so glad to have them on-board and happy to finally make this announcement. 

And... During the Summer of Gaming IGN event, we finally unveiled the new trailer!

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Video: IGN Summer of Gaming Trailer for Lifeless Moon

The only sad bit of news is that we've decided on an early 2023 release date. I think that is the right decision because it will give me and the Serenity Forge team time to properly finish and polish the game. After 5+ years working on it, seeing an end date that is maybe just over 6 months away seems pretty great. This project has sapped enormous amounts of my time, energy, and soul. I'm so glad I can finally start sharing more details—and more important—actually finish it!!!!

Thank you all for the support, and if you haven't yet wish-listed it on Steam, please take a sec to do that!


Friday, May 13, 2022

Update #64: The Road from Alpha to Release Day

Hello lovely people! As I near the end of core production on this game (5 years later!), I want to say a huge word of thanks for patiently supporting me. There's still much more to do, but I know it will get finished now. Frankly, there were days I wondered. It's so hard to go "110%" for day after day, week after week... for years. Honestly I don't know how I found the motivation some days. But I'm relieved to be at this place, and I truly couldn't have done it without you.

Now as you know, I always struggle with how much to reveal-- in particular, as I work on the final cinematic sequences. There's several characters in Lifeless Moon and I've spent a ton of time recently finishing and refining the character models. Instead of showing them in their 3D glory, I came up with the idea of rendering them out in flat colors. This gives you an idea of the characters but without revealing too much. They won't look like this in the game, but I do think it would make for a great T-shirt design! 

I've been talking with my publisher about release dates, console ports, and marketing plans. I'm not quite ready to announce a release date, but we do have a clear target now. I wish I could say it's soon: it's not, but I feel really good about our plan and the time we have to get this game playing nicely and looking great. I'll definitely make sure you all get a look sooner than release day, so really it won't be long!

Of course, not everyone will like the final game, but at least I know I've poured my heart and soul into it. Thanks for sharing the journey with me. Much more to come!!!

Take care,


Thursday, March 31, 2022

Update #63: The End is Near

 Well I see I broke my promise from last month to not wait as long for an update this month. I really really thought I could announce Alpha by now, but it just kept taking longer to finish. I'm working extremely hard--including through this weekend--to get it done next week! After years of working on this project, there have been days it was hard to stay motivated. But now it's so close I can feel it!!!

Whether it's next week or next week and a day, I'm VERY close to a full build of the game. Then I will step back with the publisher and work out a release goal. There's going to be a ton of work to get to Beta, and then lots of testing to make it polished, and then console ports (news coming on that)... but yeah, we're getting close. I'm going to keep this short so I can get back to it. I've been a production machine lately, and it feels good.

Thanks for the support, my friends!


Monday, February 7, 2022

The Stage is Set!

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm running a few weeks behind on this one--I don't like missing a month, but January was bonkers for me. That said, I have some good news: I'm continuing to make good progress, and recently Alicia and I wrapped up MOST of the environment design work. So it feels amazing to finally "see" every last bit of the world even if it's not all 100% playable and there are a number of little details to add. The full game world exists and I'm really proud of how it's come together...

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collage of Lifeless Moon environments