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Thanks for playing my game!


It took me seven (yes, 7!) years to create Lifeless Moon, and as a mostly solo project, I'm sure I made some mistakes along the way. So please fill out the Bug Report Form below so I can fix any issues, or see below for solutions to common problems:


Saved Game Problems

Save Game Files

Lifeless Moon uses and auto-save system that saves progress at key checkpoints. If you select "new game" from the main menu, the save file is reset. However, you can restore an old save game file by looking under:

"Users\< your windows username >\App Data\LocalLow\Lifeless Worlds\Lifeless Moon"

Here you will find the current save file called "SaveFile.es3" along with the last 9 previous backups. Please note the date of the backup files as the highest number might not be the most recent backup. To restore to an older save file, make a copy of the current file and rename one of the backups to "SaveFile.es3" (with no number).

Unlock All Save Points

If you are unable to restore a save game file (see above), you can still use a cheat code to unlock all save points from the main menu. Just press the "C+H+P" keys (at the same time), or press and hold both bumpers on your game controller (July 8 NOTE: this might not be in console versions--I'm working on restoring this in the next patch) while viewing the main menu. Click the "Select Chapter" button to see all the game save points and choose one to replay or continue from a previous point. 

Input Problems 

Currently the game can be played with keyboard and mouse or an Xbox controller on PC.

Getting Stuck

If you are having trouble with a puzzle, see the EVA tab of the Notebook for current objectives.

Bug Reports

Fill out this form here, or on Google: