All I can do is stay home and work on Lifeless Moon

Wow, crazy times right now. Really hope you all are staying safe and playing it safe... there's a lot of misinformation and I worry that some folks aren't taking things seriously. Some dark days ahead, I'm afraid.

But that said, I'm also looking for bright sides. Thankfully, I work from home normally so not much of my life is changing right now. And with our main clients (Schools and museums) closing up, most of our focus is moving to game production. The more work I put in, the more I realize is left to do, but I'm getting ever closer to the end on the environment design.

"In his cruelty, he tried to put my city out of reach..."

The more progress I make the more I want to finish this game! Guys, I'm so excited with how things are coming together and how the story intertwines with the game world(s). Really excited to be including a larger cast of characters in this game and telling some unique individual stories.

Thank you as always for your patience with me. I'm hopeful these tough times with the pandemic can actually result in some positives. Sometimes the best of humanity comes to the surface in the worst of times.

Stay well!