Update #73: Final Polish


Hi everyone! Wow the last month has been a constant grind of pushing out more and more refined internal builds. There's still a few minor items to address and QA is in full swing. A couple weeks ago I integrated the final post-processing effects, and gosh did this help improve the visuals:

Rocky barren landscape from the upcoming new game Lifeless Moon
Lifeless Moon landscape with and without post processing effects. Notice the light bloom on the distant mountains and the additional shadows on the near cliffs.


Comparison screens of visual effects in the upcoming new science fiction game Lifeless Moon
Another comparison before and after post processing effects. Notice the ambient occlusion (shadows) in the left architecture and the glow from the dinner windows.

Localization Integrated

I can finally share the languages supported in Lifeless Moon on launch! These will be...

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

I'm super happy we were able to add BR-PT! This has been the most-requested language for my games so I was thrilled Serenity Forge agreed and supported this translation work. 

Release date? Platforms??!

With PC release now just weeks away, I'm DYING to share more specifics. But with so many games releasing every day we really only have one shot to get the attention of press and reviewers, so I'm told we have to wait a little bit longer. Suffice to say, "coming soon" has never been more true! Hard to believe after over 6 years on this project it's soon to be finished. And hard to believe it's still taking up nearly all of my waking hours, pretty much 7 days a week now as I push to the final release build. But these are good times, despite the long hours... we're so, so close!!!