Update #72: Accelerating to the End...

Teaser image from the game Lifeless Moon showing an astronaut falling through clouds towards rocky ground below.

Hi folks! Sorry as usual it's been a while since the last update. I'm working furiously on the final internal milestones (only two left!!!). At the beginning of the year I mentioned a to-do list summary. Here's where things stand with that:

  • QA Testing - UNDERWAY 
  • Adding, Refining Main Menus - DONE!!!
  • Languages Support (Localization) - UNDERWAY 
  • Add Subtitles - UNDERWAY 
  • Game Saves - DONE!!!
One thing not really on the to-do lists in past updates is marketing. Obviously I need to do a better job posting updates, especially in the final weeks before launch (no firm release date yet!). I re-worked my weekly calendar last week...

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