Update #65: It's Happening! IGN Announce Trailer and a Publisher


Finally!!! I am so excited to announce Serenity Forge is publishing Lifeless Moon to PC and consoles. This is such an awesome team of indie developers and supporters. I'm so glad to have them on-board and happy to finally make this announcement. 

And... During the Summer of Gaming IGN event, we finally unveiled the new trailer!

(View the trailer at the top of the home page)

Video: IGN Summer of Gaming Trailer for Lifeless Moon

The only sad bit of news is that we've decided on an early 2023 release date. I think that is the right decision because it will give me and the Serenity Forge team time to properly finish and polish the game. After 5+ years working on it, seeing an end date that is maybe just over 6 months away seems pretty great. This project has sapped enormous amounts of my time, energy, and soul. I'm so glad I can finally start sharing more details—and more important—actually finish it!!!!

Thank you all for the support, and if you haven't yet wish-listed it on Steam, please take a sec to do that!