Update #63: The End is Near

 Well I see I broke my promise from last month to not wait as long for an update this month. I really really thought I could announce Alpha by now, but it just kept taking longer to finish. I'm working extremely hard--including through this weekend--to get it done next week! After years of working on this project, there have been days it was hard to stay motivated. But now it's so close I can feel it!!!

Whether it's next week or next week and a day, I'm VERY close to a full build of the game. Then I will step back with the publisher and work out a release goal. There's going to be a ton of work to get to Beta, and then lots of testing to make it polished, and then console ports (news coming on that)... but yeah, we're getting close. I'm going to keep this short so I can get back to it. I've been a production machine lately, and it feels good.

Thanks for the support, my friends!