Catching Up with Kickstarter

I work hard to keep Kickstarter backers updated (though never enough), but I sometimes forget to post that content here. So, happy new year, and here are some recent updates:

Happy New Decade! Kickstarter Update #40

Hope you guys survived the holidays and maybe even got a little time to relax. I managed a pretty nice balance of time with family and getting work done while everyone was away. I seem to find the holidays are a good time to make progress on projects since...

Mini Art Update and a Special Announcement

Environment Art Progress

Been working on finishing out the game environments the last few weeks. The scene above is about mid-way through the game, and probably the level I'm most excited about. Don't worry, no spoilers. Let's just say that the environments of Lifeless Moon are even more integral to the story than were those in Lifeless Planet. There so much more to do, but I'm working super hard to get...

Talking about Code

So I'm in the middle of a two week sprint on Lifeless Moon. Got sick last weekend (nasty cold) but still plugging. Things started out surprisingly good, however. Here's the story:

One of the bad things about taking years to make a game is that...

Back to Work

Hi folks, well, in my last update I warned that I'd be out of touch in September due to a mountain of distractions. Maybe distractions is not the right word--good things, but travel for work and commitments that kept me away from the game. As you see, these rolled over into October.

But, I'm finally getting back to work and hopeful for a very productive....