Designing the User Interface

Happy April! This month is particularly (and I mean insanely, outrageously, horribly) busy for us as multiple client projects come due and we also are working on a preview build of Lifeless Moon to submit for PAX West in August. The dust will clear a little in May, but until then we're just trying to stay sane.

Here's a quick look at the astronaut notebook we're building for Lifeless Moon. This notebook will contain log entries, documents, mission objectives, and scientific notes based on your discoveries.

The notebook is being modeled after the actual Apollo mission "cuff checklists" used on the moon. We're even using the exact font used in the original:

We've also been working on a new jetpack mechanic. Lifeless Planet's jetpack was...unique, and we were never 100% happy with it. In Lifeless Moon, the jetpack you'll find has a more traditional "jetpack" feel. It also allows more control in platforming without providing access to the entire gameplay area. That last point is important because we feel like something is lost in regards to story if you can simply jetpack up and over any obstacle. In Lifeless Planet we addressed this by only enabling "boost" from fuel canisters in certain areas. This felt a bit forced at times, so we're hopeful the revised jetpack for Lifeless Moon will be a big improvement all around.

Short update this time, but have to get back to work. Next month we'll have more progress to show with some new screens!

-Dave & the Stage 2 Team