Slow progress, so... we're hiring!

Happy New Year from Lifeless Moon! 

Well as usually happens, I can't believe it's been so long since the last update. Definitely overdue. The truth is, work is progressing, but slowly. The holidays got in the way of course, but the biggest issue is client work. Our largest client has been keeping us extra busy the last two months. We have to take the work to pay the bills, but it cuts into dev time.

So at long last we've decided to hire an additional programmer. Without another team member we're just not going to be able to pick up the pace. Thankfully, we have the capacity to hire. And since you guys are our strongest supporters, we wanted to let you be the first to know about this opportunity. If you or a friend have experience with Unity game programming, please reach out and let's talk! We'll be very selective and careful with this hire, but that's why we're coming to you: we want somebody on the team who believes in the Stage 2 mission of creating awesome science-themed apps and games. Please check out the link if you are interested: http://stage2studios.com/jobs/

Progress Update

We're in the process of re-working the code so A.) the character control is more refined and B.) the code is all moved over from javascript (aka UnityScript) to C#. Lifeless Planet was built entirely (almost) with javascript and we've since learned there are a great many shortcomings with that language. It's really a kind of Franken-code, borrowing a bit from javascript, but other parts from C# and generally just being a pain to write clean and reliable code.

In addition to the programming side of things, Logan continues to make good headway on the art side. He's got a lot more 3D models built for the world and I'm excited to add the interaction that will bring them to life.

We've also made some good headway on puzzle design and also the full game "walk-through" doc that we're using to set up the pacing and refine the story and flow of the game.

I promise we won't wait so long for the next update and we'll share a peek at what's coming.

Thank you again for your support!

Dave & the Stage 2 Team